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Prototyping with Runtime Errors in Elm

While I was listening to The Changelog podcast episode #198, I caught Chris Allen saying something along these lines:

Contrary to popular belief, the Haskell type system has some escape hatches. For example, you can put an error value in the definition of a function if you wanna say it has a type but you don’t have time to implement it right now.

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The Polyglot Approach to Getting Better at Modeling the State and Writing Property Tests in Elm

When learning a new programming language, there’s usually this problem of “What should I do next?”. Nowadays, many websites offer a clear path for beginners to follow (shout out to exercism.io!). However, with relatively new languages like Elm it may be hard to find materials on a given topic.

But what if we could… use resources written for other languages?

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Cross compiling Rust on OS X for Raspberry Pi 3

I managed to get my hands on Raspberry Pi 3B. I found it to be a great opportunity to mess around with Rust. But some problems appeared right away: how do I run my Rust programs on Raspi? Can I compile them on my Mac or should I compile them on the device?

I didn’t have much experience with compiling stuff for other platforms, but turns out it’s not that dramatic – at least for the simple ones I wrote so far.

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